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Belukha Mountain is one of the few places through which the Earth receives the divine energy. According to the ancient legends here is the entrance to the mysterious Shambhala. The foot of Belukha is the “wildest” and the most mysterious place in the Altai Mountains. During the 10-day journey you will feel like a real hermit and discoverer, because you will:
  • Feel the power of the highest peak in Siberia – Belukha Mountain (4509 m)
  • Be among the best of travellers able to reach Belukha Mountain. A narrow and winding trail, which you can pass only by foot or on horseback, leads up to the mountain foot.
  • Conquer 5 mountain passes of 1513 to 3060 metres high.
  • Visit alpine meadows which turn into rocks hiding their snow-capped peaks in the clouds.
  • Walk along the scary cliff of Skynchak.
  • Witness the show of an unforgettable beauty – “Tekelyu” waterfall (60 m).
  • Visit Altai UFO landing center – the Yarlu Gorge and the Akkem Lake.
  • Visit the “Altaian Norway” – the valley of 7 lakes.
  • Spend a night in the most mystical place of Siberia – the foot of Belukha mountain.
  • See the wildlife known to our ancestors and visit camping site of the ancient people.